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12 Latest App Trends for 2017

Latest Trends in Apps for 2017

Nowadays there is an app for practically everything, as of June 2016 there were approximately 4.2 million apps in the Android and Apple marketplaces. There are apps to pay your bills, to remind you to take your medicine at the right time, to get you a cab, to find and book hotels and flights and so on. Think of something to do and chances are that you will find an app for that purpose in these stores. This kind of “app”ification of our day to day lives have also created a huge opportunity for app developers to build a career out of it. We have seen many small idea’s (WhatsApp, Xamarin) from small group of people or startups eventually getting acquired by tech giants and making it large. Every year the advent of new technologies and processors unlocking more and more hardware capabilities provide and big chance for app developers to exploit them and create astonishing experiences. In this article, we are taking a look at the 15 Top App ideas for 2017. Now many of these ideas will be mutually- dependent as an app is not just one thing and it takes shape as a combination of different technologies.

1. Virtual/ Augmented Reality

No matter however well designed an app may be, one cannot look beyond the fact that the experience they provide is basically a 2-D experience. Traditional mobile applications are not designed to be as immersive as the real world. That’s where Virtual/Augmented reality comes in, both these technologies have the same underlying idea of bringing a more immersive experience to users. In virtual reality, you are put inside a different world/ reality but can manipulate objects in that reality using actions that you normally do, like picking and placing, kicking, hitting etc. Augmented reality on the other hand blends virtual objects with real objects, like placing your browser screen on a wall or placing your virtual folders on a real desktop. Both these technologies present unfathomably huge opportunities for app developers to really stand out and create something that is order and magnitude better than what we currently have. Devices like HoloLens, oculus rift, HTC vive etc. are the current major players in the industry and developers have already started creating magical experiences tailored for these devices. These technologies will only get better in the coming year, so if you are a developer who is trying to establish yourself and make a difference VR/AR presents limitless opportunities.


We have established that we practically have an app do everything, but does just having an app make it easy to do that task. Imagine you are in a conversation and you need to get certain data so that you can keep up with the other person. Normally that means to open up your browser and searching and aggregating the data and presenting it to the other person, usually this takes time and can affect the overall flow of the conversation and can have varied degrees of effect depending on who you were conversing with. This is where BOTS comes in, a bot is a piece of software that is written to automate one specific task or a group of tasks but in an intelligent way. Today there are plenty of BOTS running around the internet and doing a myriad of things simultaneously. They have been used by Facebook, twitter and you name it. Bots can be considered as a toned-down version of an application or a website. They are pro-active, smart and near instant medium to get your tasks done. The reason they are still and will be in contention is that they provide businesses who are making them an immensely scalable and fast way to interact with their customers. On the customer front bits give them a way to access information and get things done in a fast and more natural way than the “apps” do. With the advancements in artificial intelligence and speech recognition and machine learning , bots will only get better and developers have at their hands a truck-load of option to create engaging and useful experiences.

3. Progressive web apps

A mobile app usually stores critical information in the phone itself as cache so that the user can access it even when they are offline or on unreliable networks. Browsers provide up-to-date data to the user when requested. A progressive web app lies somewhere in between; it can work offline like a mobile app and is fast and responsive but at the same time it can give you latest information when you need it. The major advantage is that it works independent of browser or platform or device, allowing developers one shot solution to hit customers everywhere irrespective of device or platform. Progressive web apps are very economical too as the developers just have to change the code once and don’t have to worry about form factor and platform as they do with traditional mobile apps. Progressive web apps have the potential to be the next big thing in the consumer and business industry and should definitely be on the list of every developer for 2017.

4. Artificial Intelligence

This field of technology has been around for nearly 70 years and we are still putting our baby steps towards achieving it. It’s astonishing that something that we take for granted(Intelligence) is so incredibly hard to engineer correctly. AI has been in active development for years and is even today a major field of innovation. Things have improved dramatically over the last couple of years with machine learning and speech processing advancements today’s AI’s are much more powerful than they have ever been. Cortana, Siri, Google Now, Alexa etc. are some of those artificially intelligent virtual assistants that are aimed to make our lives easy. They track what you do and what your personal tastes are ad help you plan and do things easily and in an orderly fashion. Some of these assistants can track your flights mails, appointments, can have a meaningful conversation with you and much more. These artificially intelligent virtual beings present developers and businesses incredible possibilities in which they can use these intelligence, enhance it and use it to make themselves and customers even more productive. In 2017 and the coming years artificially intelligent and proactive services will be at the core of computing and it certainly is an interesting field if you into programming and apps.

5.True Cross platform apps

This is also one idea that has been implemented by the industry with varying levels of success. With so many different devices and platforms it’s time consuming to design and develop apps that cater to the specific needs of the platform and device. So, the idea of one app across all devices and platforms is an enticing idea. Microsoft has been touting the Universal Windows Platform which enables effectively the same app to run on all windows devices irrespective of the size and shape of the device and display. Companies like Xamarin which gives you the ability to run mostly the same code you wrote for one platform on another platform, Microsoft’s iOS bridge is an example where developers can use the Objective-c or swift code they used to develop the iOS app and run them on any windows device. Possibilities like this and services like Xamarin will enable app developers to target effectively every device on the planet with one single app written in the language of their choice and is a very interesting prospect to look forward to in 2017 and years to come.

6. Wearables

A Wearable device is something that can we wore like a band or wrist watch but can do a wide variety of things ranging from monitoring your health to helping you keep in touch with your social life. Wearables are entering an era where the development is so fast and capabilities are increasing by each passing day. Android wear and apple watches have been helping create beautiful apps that can enable you to be connected no matter where you are. It can give you a personalized health report right after your morning jog or it can alert you of important things that you may have otherwise missed, it can alert your health care provider if your body is acting weird. The possibilities are endless when it comes to wearables for budding developers looking for ideas. With more and more API’S and capabilities being unlocked every day, 2017 is sure looking to be a wonderful year to make unique apps for wearable devices.

7. All in one apps

Ok, consider you are going to your friend’s birthday party and need to book a cab and then you suddenly remember today is that last day to pay your electricity bills and that you have forgotten to buy your friend that nice cake that you were going to cut at the party. You will now be swimming hopelessly through the stores and downloading, and switching between multiple apps and all, this is where all in one apps can be a big savior. Almost every company now has a website and has API’s that developers can tap into incorporate these services into their own apps. All-in-one apps are those which aggregate many of these services into on single app and can help the user to get what he wants without having to go through all this hassle and can save time and energy. Aspiring Developers can use these methods to design apps that can act as a quick way to access those services that they need as quickly as possible.

8. Customization apps

Nobody wants their phone to be boring as often nowadays a phone is the reflection of the his/her personality. They will want to customize their phone in as many ways as they possibly can. Customization apps lets you do just that by enabling you to change the color, theme, icon, sounds, and the whole look and feel of the phone. Customization apps were one of the most downloaded category of apps from the android store in 2016 and will still be in demand for some years to come. Developers should definitely take customization apps serious in 2017 and should look to deliver unique experiences and abilities.

9. Games

Who doesn’t like a good game? Be it to just pass time or to indulge yourself in graphical extravaganza, games have always been and will be one of the mostly in demand types of applications that one can develop. Today’s Operating systems and the extremely powerful devices give the developer the choice to create intense graphic games or just plain simple one’s. You guys have heard of Flappy bird a very simple game which turned out to be addictive to the point of obsession or Pokémon go which used location based gameplay to entertain users and is now a global phenomenon which proves the fact that simple but beautifully designed games still have a huge market of users.

10.Health & Medicine.

Now these are apps that will never go out of fashion since as long as we are alive we will have diseases and medicine and all that stuff. Health apps have been around for a long time but still offers enormous opportunities for developers and companies alike to create and monetize health services. The advancements in real time monitoring equipment and data analysis have opened the door even more for possible services that give you everything you will ever need to know about yourself to stay healthy. These apps can tap into wearables and acquire data to deliver personalized real time health reports, suggest a diet and what not. Health apps won’t be going away anytime soon and is still a profitable idea.

11. Big Data

Big data and its analysis are taking the world forward and is going to be literally big in coming days. Apps that can analyze and interpret this data in meaningful ways and can use that interpretations to automate tasks will be a very profitable sector in 2017.

12. Educational apps

Apps that can access the huge database that is internet and use that for educational purposes can be of great importance and nee din coming years. Business apps, social apps, and apps like flipboard that deliver data in innovative ways will form the rest of the catalogue of apps that can be profitable in 2017