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15 modern big data integration platforms

The first thing that might have popped up in your mind is what this big data is. Is it the data which is big in length? Why do I need to know about it? Well, to know all these facts let’s start from the beginning. Big data is the term used for the data set that is very large and complex. This data is so large that it cannot be handled by the normal software. There are many challenges that include in handling the big data. Some of these challenges are capture, storage, analysis, of these data. The use of the big data has increased a lot in the recent, times and the way to handle these Big data has also become critical. This has increased the need for the analysis of these data. There many software or tools that help you to retrieve, store and analyze these data. These software or platforms offer a large number of features that makes the job of Big data analyst easy.

So, let’s look at the 15 most commonly used Big data integration platform

1. Cloudera

Cloudera is the high-performance and low-cost platform for conducting the analytics on data. Cloudera has the only native Hadoop Search engine and this platform provides its users with the active data untitled optimization feature. Cloudera manager includes advanced features like intelligent configuration defaults, customized monitoring, and robust troubleshooting which allows the easy administration of Hadoop in any of the environment. With predictive maintenance included in its Support Data Hub, Cloudera keeps you up and running.

2. HP Vertica

HP Enterprise’s big data platform, Vertica is one of the most advanced SQL database analytics available. It has HP portfolio to address today’s demanding big data analytics initiatives. It allows the companies to manage and analyze large volumes of structured data quickly and reliably. HP’s Vertica allows organizations to leverage on analytics by providing support for all leading visualization tools, open source technologies like Hadoop and R. It has many built-in analytical functions that can help the Big data analyst.

3. HortonWorks Data Platform

HortonWorks Data Platform is a secure and enterprise-ready open source Apache Hadoop platform. It is based on the centralized architecture YARN. This platform provides user with the entire data needed i.e. it addresses data-at-rest, powers real-time customer applications and delivers robust analytics which helps the organizations in the decision-making process. YARN and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) are the two main pillars of HDP.

4. IBM Big data platform

IBM’s big data platform takes care of the full spectrum of big data business and challenges faced by it. It allows its users to have an integrated experience. This platform is a blend of traditional and latest technology. It combines the traditional technologies which are best suited for structured data, repeatable tasks along with the new technologies which provide speed and flexibility. This platform is ideal for large data exploration, discovery and unstructured data analysis. The main capabilities of this system are Hadoop-based analytics, stream computing, data warehousing, and information integration & governance.

5. Kognitio Analytical platform

The Kognitio Analytical Platform is the best platform to run complex analytics on big data. It is designed to provide the organizations with more user’s data and handling more complex queries. It has a short response time. This analytics platform provides the Big data analyst with ultra-fast high-concurrency SQL for Hadoop platforms and also for existing data warehouse implementations.

6. MapR Converged data platform

MapR Converged Data Platform is one single platform for all the big data applications. Organizations that use MapR’s platform do not require moving data to specialized silos for the processing of data as the data can be processed in the same place. MapR’s Platform is based on the concept of? Polyglot Persistence which allows leveraging multiple data types directly. MapR is a converged data platform which integrates the power of Hadoop and Sparks with global event streaming and real-time database capabilities. It enables the Big data analyst to experience the enormous power of data.

7. Pivotal Big data Suite

Pivotal Big Data Suite aims at being the database technology which helps the organizations to accelerate their digital transformations. Pivotal Big Data Suite is based on the open source technologies. This big data platform aims to provide a wide and comprehensive base for all modern data architectures. It can not only be deployed on-premise but also in the public clouds.

8. Qubole data services

It aims at making the platform more accessible to carry out big data analytics for all the data stored in the cloud accounts of AWS, Google, and Microsoft. It is an integrated interface which is used to perform many features like ad-hoc analysis, predictive analysis, machine learning, streaming for the data-driven organizations. It also allows the users, who do not have knowledge of writing SQL query, to query using Smart Query interface. Its Data engines are optimized for working with the cloud accounts.

9. Sap Hana

SAP’s big data platform HANA is designed for the next-generation applications. It is an in-memory platform which focuses on running the analytics applications in a much smarter way. It makes the business processes faster and creates a simpler data infrastructure. It acts as the foundation for all data needs by integrating all data types. It uses advanced analytical processing for deeper insights.

10. Teradata Integrated Big data platform

It lets the user offload the data and workloads from Teradata IDW to a low-cost system of Teradata. This can be done without disturbing the execution of Teradata analytics. This feature helps you to avoid the complexity of adding Hadoop for the low-cost storage. This integrated big data platform boasts of having may feature like global hot spare drives, an optional hot standby node for enhanced system availability.

11. Amazon Web services

It also offers the Big data analyst to store a large amount of data. The main reason for its large use is that the extraction of data is very fast in this.

12. Oracle

It also offers many services for the Big data analyst. The Big data analyst can use it to analyze a large amount of data.

13. InfiDB

This is a data storage platform that allows the user to store a large amount of data which can be used for the analysis purpose.

14. 1010 data

It offers fully scalable, self-service platform for data management, analysis and application building. This is a great platform for all the Big data analyst.

15. Actian

Actian helps customers solve data challenges with innovative data management and data integration solutions delivering transformational value.