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Android vs iOS Development
Both Android and iOS have their share of haters and lovers but when it comes to the topic of development of the platforms, how many of us do actually know the differences or do we just hate or love the platform only because of our gut feeling? I bet, a majority of the people do not hate or love a particular platform because of the features it possesses but because of public opinion.

So, let’s throw some light between the differences:

1. The first difference would be, the design? It is the design that the people get most attracted to. Android uses something called material design to make the app icons look more realistic and delicate. On the other hand, Apple used more 3D like design to make the icons look almost close to real but now they have shifted to looks which are rustic and plain. The next point would be navigation as the navigation button of iOS is on the task bar itself but for Android one needs to pull the drawer menu down. Next difference would be, the title of both the designs, for Android the titles are placed in the top left of the screen and for iOS it is in the centre of homescreen, which is both good and bad.

2. The second difference would be, the platforms that are used by both iOS and Android. If you want to download any app in Android, you can use Google PlayStore and the app will be downloaded just in a matter of seconds but in iOS it takes two weeks for an app to get updated and then for it to work. Google PlayStore also considers the reviews of the customer which helps them to update an application every two hours but in Apple store, it takes two weeks or so for the developer to update any version. Google PlayStore again gets an upvote here!

3. The third difference would be the number of days needed to review the app, Android takes only two days to review and verify your app after the day you have submitted it. When it comes to iOS, it takes three weeks for your masterpiece to be verified and the worst part is that even after three weeks, your app may be rejected and you have to work on the errors for next few days and again wait for three weeks. Even after the correction of errors, there are chances that your app will again get rejected and you and your firm should wait for some more time. This kind of verification will stun your development and growth.

4. The fourth difference would be the operating systems. Android applications can be made and developed using any operating systems, be it MAC or Windows. For a MAC developer that is not the case any how. For being a iOS developer, you need to have a operating system of MAC and MAC only! This is not a secret that you can download Windows operating system almost for free but for MAC is way more costly than windows or Linux is. Therefore, it is easy and affordable to create or develop apps using windows. This is one of the main reasons why we have more Android developers than iOS. Fair point for them too, is it not?

5. The fifth difference would be the language used to create Android and iOS. You must have heard about the languages Java and Objective C, Android developers use Java and for iOS is Objective C and it is no secret that java is a much easier language than Objective C. You should be perfect in Java first and then start Objective C is what most of the experts advice. However, iOS has come up with another language which is as swift as Java and it is called Swift. Now, iOS is becoming more of open source and also, Swift open source is supporting tools from Linux. Finally some development, I say!

6. Sixth and the most important difference would be the integrated development environment. Any idea of what an IDE is? You know Microsoft Vidual Studio, Delphi and Net Beans? Yes, all of them are IDE’s. IDE is a magical place where you can start programming and developing. There are two tools that Android and iOS suggests, one would be, the newborn Android Studio and XCode latest version. The best part about it? They both are free!

7. The seventh difference would be the entry level free which is unfortunately not free like the IDE’s. You need to pay something for your apps to be held on the PlayStores. You need to pay $25 for Google PlayStore and $99 for MAC. Also, for iOS developer, you need to pay $99 and also a not so much cheap MAC laptop but for Android, you need to pay $25 and you just need to have a computer! Therefore, the developers for Android automatically increases by leaps and bounds for Android than iOS.

8. Next coming to the market share, reading the above points, one should have understood that the market share of Google is higher than iOS. One of the main reasons would be, the iOS aims at all the rich and well off people but where as the Android aims at people from lower middle class to the high class people too. So, there are more buyers for Android than iOS.
Also, even for the developers there are a lot of scope for the improvement and creation of apps where as the developers for iOS are pretty low for the obvious reasons! Apple should also try and improve their market value like Android did, after all these Android seems to be the one that will sustain for more longer time than iOS.

These are the few differences between the development between iOS and Android, these points should be in mind when you want to become a developer or even when you want to buy a new phone. You now know, what you prefer!