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Android vs iOS Development

Differences between Android & iOS Development

April 3, 2017

Both Android and iOS have their share of haters and lovers but when it comes to the topic of development of the platforms, how many of us do actually ...

App Ideas 2017

Best App Ideas with implementations in 2017

March 27, 2017

Today mobile applications are integrating part of human’s life and they are controlling our every step-in life. Though there are millions of apps in s...

Awesome App Ideas

New App Ideas for 2017

March 25, 2017

New App Ideas for 20171) Recipe appThis app will not be like other recipe showing apps where you have to search your whole kitchen to get the required...

App Ideas 2017

12 Latest App Trends for 2017

March 24, 2017

Latest Trends in Apps for 2017Nowadays there is an app for practically everything, as of June 2016 there were approximately 4.2 million apps in the An...

App Ideas

From Augmented Reality to Home Appliances – Top App Ideas

March 21, 2017

1. Augmented reality based apps:Ever since Niantic achieved utmost success with Ingress and Pokemon GO, there is a much larger scope for augmented rea...

App Ideas

The Best New App Ideas for 2017

March 18, 2017

2.6 million applications on the PlayStore and similar on the AppStore, what fits your needs the best? In this age of rise of softwares one can easily ...

App Ideas 2016


March 18, 2017

With the advancement of technology we have came at a point where everything is at our fingertips, if you wish to talk to a friend you have facebook,wh...

Snapchat IPO

15 things to expect from Snapchat IPO

March 10, 2017

There are many people in the world that would have used Snapchat in some point of his life. Even if anyone would not have used the Snapchat, he must h...

Big Data Analytics Company India

15 modern big data integration platforms

March 9, 2017

The first thing that might have popped up in your mind is what this big data is. Is it the data which is big in length? Why do I need to know about it...

iPhone 7

Will apple drop the lightning port in iPhone 8?

March 9, 2017

Apple is one of the most popular smartphone producers in the world. The sales of iPhone have always increased with the time and main reason for this r...

Big Data

15 interesting thing about Big Data

March 8, 2017

The first thing that might have popped up in your mind is what this big data is. Is it the data which is big in length? Why do I need to know about it...

Google Progressive Apps

Google Progressive Apps

March 1, 2017

Google Progressive Apps Development You might have heard of term progressive apps and they are the next biggest thing and much more. But have you thou...

Mobile World Congress

15 things to expect in MWC 2017

February 28, 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017MWC stands for Mobile World congress. It is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. There are many prominent...

App User Experience

How important is the app UX

February 27, 2017

UX, the term stands for User Experience. All the app developers come to hear this term a lot. So, what is this UX and why it’s so important for app de...

App Developers for Startups

What should you choose for your startup – Android or iOS?

February 24, 2017

Apps for Startups If it’s said that there is a trend of startups going on in the world, then it won’t be wrong. There are many people who are coming u...

App Developers in Saudi Arabia

15 reasons why Saudi Arabic business owners need to go mobile with their own Apps

February 23, 2017

The world is shifting to smaller things. We saw the shift from the desktop to laptop. Now the people are increasingly using mobile phones for their da...

App Developers

20 reasons why your App should be Developed from Scratch

February 20, 2017

It’s tough being an app developer. You have to think about ideas on which you want to develop, the use of the app and lot more. Also, the demand apps ...


15 features of the new LinkedIn look from 17th Feb

February 19, 2017

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking website. Today, everyone must have heard about LinkedIn and would probably know that ...

App Ideas 2017

15 Best App Ideas for 2017 for Middle East

February 18, 2017

The technology has increased a lot in one year. The app developers need to adapt to this changing technology. With the changing technology the needs o...

5G Technology

Are Mobile Users ready for 5G?

February 14, 2017

With the promise of 1ms latency and 1,000 times more capacity than 4G, 5G score top marks in terms of speed and efficiency. It will have the ability t...

App Developers in Egypt

Top 15 Mobile Apps in Arabic

February 13, 2017

Here are the lists of top 15 mobiles apps in Arabic 1. Anghami Anghami is the best way to play and discover free music you love, right on your mobile ...

Hotel Apps

15 Reasons why hotel owners should have their own App

February 12, 2017

If you believe that mobile applications are only for big name brands such as Walmart and Bank of America, you are mistaken. More and more small and me...


The Top 15 UX principles App Developers should be following

February 11, 2017

In this modern time when digitization is leading the development of technology, it is needless to say that it provides easy access to such technology ...


Android & Apple Wear

February 10, 2017

A few years ago, the release of smart phones in the market had created a lot of buzz and changed the lives of people, making them easier and more conv...

Top 15 Startups for 2017

The Top 15 Startups launched in 2017

February 9, 2017

Well, time does not stop for anyone. Now we moved to another new year. As we all know the IT industry is growing up day by day and so does the startup...

Top Mobile Games 2017

The Top 15 Mobile Games launched in 2017

February 8, 2017

Mobile games have improved at a much faster pace than any other technology ever introduced. With the launch of Android Nougat and Vulkan API, it can o...

Top Mobile App Development Companies in United States

The Top UX/UI Design Companies in United States

February 7, 2017

BRAVE UX: Washington DC, USA This company is in top position according to user reviews. This company designs and builds complex application interfaces...

App Ideas 2017

The Top 10 App Trends for 2017

February 7, 2017

The previous year 2016 saw an upsurge of many app designs and features like simplified of UI, richer of UX, and integration of IoT in the mobile apps....

Startup Trends for 2017

Top US Startups to watch for in 2017

February 6, 2017

KIIP In the year 2017, the mobile advertising spend is estimated to be more than 26 percent of the total marketing in the U.S. It may jump to accurate...

Freelancers and App Development

The Freelance Economy – App Development

February 6, 2017

In 2016, freelance economy to continue the discussion about the work. One in three Americans (about 42 million) has been a freelance translator. 2020,...