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App Ideas 2017, App Ideas 2018
Today mobile applications are integrating part of human’s life and they are controlling our every step-in life. Though there are millions of apps in stores, but there are many creative and crazy ideas still to be implemented. Here are some of them.


In this app, there will be many personalized modes like school, college, home, office, party etc. In each mode, there will be some personalize settings. Suppose in the office mode there will be a work-related wallpaper, some specific app and chats and messages will be hidden. And when user goes at a party he/she has to change the mode from office to party. There will be other specified settings in each mode. Thus, the users can set status of mobile in different situation only switching the modes. APP NAME: SIXTH SENSE


We’re not talking about another common app with thousands of recipes. It’s little bit different. Here users can find videos of different recipes by entering cuisine or name of the ingredients. The app must have voice recognizing software like “OK GOOGLE”. By saying the command word users can open the app and search recipes. With written form of recipes there will be videos (paid and free). Not only that, professional chefs can upload their recipes and sell them in this app. Then it will be most user friendly cooking app. APP NAME: SAY N’ BAKE COMMAND WORD: HEY SAYBAKE


There is a great demand of good medicine apps. This app has some qualities. This app help users to take medicine in time. By searching the name user can find the all about a medicine. It also helps users by giving him/her a diet chart by inputting the name of the diseases. User can also consult with a doctor for emergency issues. This will be the unique thing of this app. APP NAME: HOMEDIC


There are many apps on wallpaper. But We’re talking about an app that have completely different specifications. This app uses the back camera and select a wallpaper from own data base by observing the maximum color, seen in camera. User set the time range of changing the wallpaper automatically. APP NAME: CAMOUFLAGE


Students have to read many books and before exams they need notes on various topics. This app is for them. Here they can buy second hand books in low price and notes which are uploaded by teachers. Teachers can upload notes here to sell and they will be rated by students. This study app will help both of teachers and students. APP NAME: STUDY BUDDY


It is a shortcut app. We can say it a spy app. Here user can use power button to recording videos or voice and capturing photos without unlock the phone. Like two times clicking power button starts voice recording. Three times is for video recording and clicking it for a while is for capturing photos. APP NAME: POCKET SHERLOCK


Now-a-days we spend a lot of time in social media and gaming in phone. So, we forget to do many things every time. This app take a record of user’s spending time in different apps. So that they can control their selves from spending time in mobile. Besides if they spend more this app will flash the note they have saved previously in app’s reminder note. APP NAME: SAVE ME


Internet of things, a new buzz in the field of technology. We don’t not want to teach you the technical meaning. But we can tell that with that app we can control our electronic equipment like TV, AC through our mobile. Yes, this will be life savior for many users who forget to on/off the equipment. APP NAME: LAZY SAVIOR


In today’s world, digital learning is a important thing for children. But internet is a vast thing and some things are not good for children. So this app help the parents to track their children’s activities in mobile and block things in mobile which they don’t supposed to do. APP NAME: CONTROLLA


We are talking about all in one travel app. Here app will take the place name and gives the information about all the things and places user can travel and see. It also gives preferences by users search queries. It will provide information about other apps help to book hotel or relevant things. Besides user can give upload their experiences in this app’s newsfeed where another user can read. This will be the unique specification of this app. APP NAME: TAKE-A-TRIP


There are lots of music apps in market. Though we can’t find all the local songs there in a manner. This app has is little bit different. Here we can find local music. Even we can share our playlists to friends. It will be a SOCIAL MEDIA TYPE MUSIC APP. Because here user can upload their favorite songs and download others. They can share, comment in other’s playlist all so. APP NAME: MUSIC-O-MANIA


This app find users different apps. All you need is to give input in the app like hobbies, likes and dislikes, preferences etc. It will also scan the keywords, searched by the user. So, user can discover all new apps and stay updated. APP NAME: DISCOVER


All the alarm apps are same. They never help a real sleepy. But, think about an alarm app which have fake call features. Its tone will be phone’s ring tone and when users click the snooze button it will be like a fake call from boss or mother or girlfriend. Their voices will be preloaded by the user. This will make the user cautious and help to wake up. APP NAME: PRANK ALARM


Whenever we travel we take a lot of videos, photos and recordings. This app is for customizing those in a memorable gift. By uploading all these videos, photos and recording, user can get a video where all the videos will be added in a good manner, photos will be added in a collage or single shots with back ground music. There will be plenty of themes in this app so that user can create different type of videos only by uploading. APP NAME: MEMORIES


There are many e-commerce websites for buying cloths like Amazon, Flipkart, Limeroad, Myntra, EBay. But If there will be one app which includes all the app and that helps the user finding their cloths by personalized search option. Yes, it is that one. User have to give input their cloths name, price range, some other likes and dislikes and they can find cloths. There will be a rating option by users which helps to search. This will cost less time and phone memory. APP NAME: HANDY SHOPS

App Ideas 2017, App Trends 2017

Latest Trends in Apps for 2017

Nowadays there is an app for practically everything, as of June 2016 there were approximately 4.2 million apps in the Android and Apple marketplaces. There are apps to pay your bills, to remind you to take your medicine at the right time, to get you a cab, to find and book hotels and flights and so on. Think of something to do and chances are that you will find an app for that purpose in these stores. This kind of “app”ification of our day to day lives have also created a huge opportunity for app developers to build a career out of it. We have seen many small idea’s (WhatsApp, Xamarin) from small group of people or startups eventually getting acquired by tech giants and making it large. Every year the advent of new technologies and processors unlocking more and more hardware capabilities provide and big chance for app developers to exploit them and create astonishing experiences. In this article, we are taking a look at the 15 Top App ideas for 2017. Now many of these ideas will be mutually- dependent as an app is not just one thing and it takes shape as a combination of different technologies.

1. Virtual/ Augmented Reality

No matter however well designed an app may be, one cannot look beyond the fact that the experience they provide is basically a 2-D experience. Traditional mobile applications are not designed to be as immersive as the real world. That’s where Virtual/Augmented reality comes in, both these technologies have the same underlying idea of bringing a more immersive experience to users. In virtual reality, you are put inside a different world/ reality but can manipulate objects in that reality using actions that you normally do, like picking and placing, kicking, hitting etc. Augmented reality on the other hand blends virtual objects with real objects, like placing your browser screen on a wall or placing your virtual folders on a real desktop. Both these technologies present unfathomably huge opportunities for app developers to really stand out and create something that is order and magnitude better than what we currently have. Devices like HoloLens, oculus rift, HTC vive etc. are the current major players in the industry and developers have already started creating magical experiences tailored for these devices. These technologies will only get better in the coming year, so if you are a developer who is trying to establish yourself and make a difference VR/AR presents limitless opportunities.


We have established that we practically have an app do everything, but does just having an app make it easy to do that task. Imagine you are in a conversation and you need to get certain data so that you can keep up with the other person. Normally that means to open up your browser and searching and aggregating the data and presenting it to the other person, usually this takes time and can affect the overall flow of the conversation and can have varied degrees of effect depending on who you were conversing with. This is where BOTS comes in, a bot is a piece of software that is written to automate one specific task or a group of tasks but in an intelligent way. Today there are plenty of BOTS running around the internet and doing a myriad of things simultaneously. They have been used by Facebook, twitter and you name it. Bots can be considered as a toned-down version of an application or a website. They are pro-active, smart and near instant medium to get your tasks done. The reason they are still and will be in contention is that they provide businesses who are making them an immensely scalable and fast way to interact with their customers. On the customer front bits give them a way to access information and get things done in a fast and more natural way than the “apps” do. With the advancements in artificial intelligence and speech recognition and machine learning , bots will only get better and developers have at their hands a truck-load of option to create engaging and useful experiences.

3. Progressive web apps

A mobile app usually stores critical information in the phone itself as cache so that the user can access it even when they are offline or on unreliable networks. Browsers provide up-to-date data to the user when requested. A progressive web app lies somewhere in between; it can work offline like a mobile app and is fast and responsive but at the same time it can give you latest information when you need it. The major advantage is that it works independent of browser or platform or device, allowing developers one shot solution to hit customers everywhere irrespective of device or platform. Progressive web apps are very economical too as the developers just have to change the code once and don’t have to worry about form factor and platform as they do with traditional mobile apps. Progressive web apps have the potential to be the next big thing in the consumer and business industry and should definitely be on the list of every developer for 2017.

4. Artificial Intelligence

This field of technology has been around for nearly 70 years and we are still putting our baby steps towards achieving it. It’s astonishing that something that we take for granted(Intelligence) is so incredibly hard to engineer correctly. AI has been in active development for years and is even today a major field of innovation. Things have improved dramatically over the last couple of years with machine learning and speech processing advancements today’s AI’s are much more powerful than they have ever been. Cortana, Siri, Google Now, Alexa etc. are some of those artificially intelligent virtual assistants that are aimed to make our lives easy. They track what you do and what your personal tastes are ad help you plan and do things easily and in an orderly fashion. Some of these assistants can track your flights mails, appointments, can have a meaningful conversation with you and much more. These artificially intelligent virtual beings present developers and businesses incredible possibilities in which they can use these intelligence, enhance it and use it to make themselves and customers even more productive. In 2017 and the coming years artificially intelligent and proactive services will be at the core of computing and it certainly is an interesting field if you into programming and apps.

5.True Cross platform apps

This is also one idea that has been implemented by the industry with varying levels of success. With so many different devices and platforms it’s time consuming to design and develop apps that cater to the specific needs of the platform and device. So, the idea of one app across all devices and platforms is an enticing idea. Microsoft has been touting the Universal Windows Platform which enables effectively the same app to run on all windows devices irrespective of the size and shape of the device and display. Companies like Xamarin which gives you the ability to run mostly the same code you wrote for one platform on another platform, Microsoft’s iOS bridge is an example where developers can use the Objective-c or swift code they used to develop the iOS app and run them on any windows device. Possibilities like this and services like Xamarin will enable app developers to target effectively every device on the planet with one single app written in the language of their choice and is a very interesting prospect to look forward to in 2017 and years to come.

6. Wearables

A Wearable device is something that can we wore like a band or wrist watch but can do a wide variety of things ranging from monitoring your health to helping you keep in touch with your social life. Wearables are entering an era where the development is so fast and capabilities are increasing by each passing day. Android wear and apple watches have been helping create beautiful apps that can enable you to be connected no matter where you are. It can give you a personalized health report right after your morning jog or it can alert you of important things that you may have otherwise missed, it can alert your health care provider if your body is acting weird. The possibilities are endless when it comes to wearables for budding developers looking for ideas. With more and more API’S and capabilities being unlocked every day, 2017 is sure looking to be a wonderful year to make unique apps for wearable devices.

7. All in one apps

Ok, consider you are going to your friend’s birthday party and need to book a cab and then you suddenly remember today is that last day to pay your electricity bills and that you have forgotten to buy your friend that nice cake that you were going to cut at the party. You will now be swimming hopelessly through the stores and downloading, and switching between multiple apps and all, this is where all in one apps can be a big savior. Almost every company now has a website and has API’s that developers can tap into incorporate these services into their own apps. All-in-one apps are those which aggregate many of these services into on single app and can help the user to get what he wants without having to go through all this hassle and can save time and energy. Aspiring Developers can use these methods to design apps that can act as a quick way to access those services that they need as quickly as possible.

8. Customization apps

Nobody wants their phone to be boring as often nowadays a phone is the reflection of the his/her personality. They will want to customize their phone in as many ways as they possibly can. Customization apps lets you do just that by enabling you to change the color, theme, icon, sounds, and the whole look and feel of the phone. Customization apps were one of the most downloaded category of apps from the android store in 2016 and will still be in demand for some years to come. Developers should definitely take customization apps serious in 2017 and should look to deliver unique experiences and abilities.

9. Games

Who doesn’t like a good game? Be it to just pass time or to indulge yourself in graphical extravaganza, games have always been and will be one of the mostly in demand types of applications that one can develop. Today’s Operating systems and the extremely powerful devices give the developer the choice to create intense graphic games or just plain simple one’s. You guys have heard of Flappy bird a very simple game which turned out to be addictive to the point of obsession or Pokémon go which used location based gameplay to entertain users and is now a global phenomenon which proves the fact that simple but beautifully designed games still have a huge market of users.

10.Health & Medicine.

Now these are apps that will never go out of fashion since as long as we are alive we will have diseases and medicine and all that stuff. Health apps have been around for a long time but still offers enormous opportunities for developers and companies alike to create and monetize health services. The advancements in real time monitoring equipment and data analysis have opened the door even more for possible services that give you everything you will ever need to know about yourself to stay healthy. These apps can tap into wearables and acquire data to deliver personalized real time health reports, suggest a diet and what not. Health apps won’t be going away anytime soon and is still a profitable idea.

11. Big Data

Big data and its analysis are taking the world forward and is going to be literally big in coming days. Apps that can analyze and interpret this data in meaningful ways and can use that interpretations to automate tasks will be a very profitable sector in 2017.

12. Educational apps

Apps that can access the huge database that is internet and use that for educational purposes can be of great importance and nee din coming years. Business apps, social apps, and apps like flipboard that deliver data in innovative ways will form the rest of the catalogue of apps that can be profitable in 2017

App Ideas, App Ideas 2017, App Ideas 2018, Latest App Ideas

1. Augmented reality based apps:

Ever since Niantic achieved utmost success with Ingress and Pokemon GO, there is a much larger scope for augmented reality. Imagine a treasure hunt augmented reality based game in which the player must reach certain locations in order to get clues and solve mysteries.

2. Live stream based games:

The live stream feature in apps such as facebook and instagram which have been proven to be quite popular. We’ve all played truth, dare or situation in our school lives, now imagine an app in which players ask questions or give out dares to other players and one has to live stream the entire dare/answer. Sounds fun doesn’t it? There could be two categories, the players and the viewers.

3. Home appliance control based apps:

Most android phones these days that hit the market come with an IR blaster which enables users to control a whole bunch of appliances including TV’s, AC’s, washing machines, stereos, etc. But how cool would it be if you were able to control your lights, fans and all other switches in your house? If there are pre designed switches put in place, an app could be developed to control them. One could easily dim the lights and control the pace of the fan.

4. Find places with specific music and cuisine app:

We have zomato for our cravings but we usually never find a place to dine in with good music that you actually like. This app will allow the user the input the specific music genres along with their favourite cuisines and a list will display all the available restaurants, pubs and bars which match the request.

5. Public cleanliness based app:

This app will enable the user to take pictures of garbage/waste of a specific area and upload it. Other users within the area will get a notification along with the gps location of the garbage. This app will boost public participation and further help in the cleaning process.

6. Quit smoking app:

Most people relapse when they try to quit smoking and further harm themselves. Imagine an app, in which the user has to fill in details(brand) of his/her cigarette before lighting one. The app will show the severity of the cigarette along with statistics indicating future health issues. Pop-ups and notifications will further provoke the user to quit.

7. Ingredients app:

Deciding what to make for lunch could be tricky sometimes and could leave one confused & on zomato. Now think of an app in which the user is able to fill in all the ingredients(vegetables and masala’s) and is shown a list with a variety of different recipes which are easy to cook. This will change every college students lifestyle.

8. Charge on the go app:

Lets admit it, all our phones have run out of juice when we needed them the most. Now picture an app which allows you to charge your phone using someone else’s phone(wired transfer or NFC). The user will input their battery percentage as well as their location and the app will connect them with people with alomost full battery which are nearby. It’ll be impossible to run out of battery, specially in a country like India.

9. The ‘I’m on a budget’ app:

Not everyone can afford an expensive dinner or an exclusive party. In this app, the user selects a category from a number of options and sub-options such as food, bars, salons, shops, etc. The user then adds a maximum amount which he or she is willing to spend. The user is then shown with a list of options with their locations within the users budget. Suppose if I want to have a pizza, I will open the app, go to categories > food > italian > pizza > (ENTER BUDGET) > a list of italian places within my budget will show up.

10. Virtual reality video making app:

Since the era of google cardboard, virtual reality is big on everyones mind. Think of an app in which a user is able to create virtual reality 360 degree videos. Suppose a real estate agent wants to show a house to someone, he could easily show them the virtual reality video of the house to get a feel and grip of the house.

11. The health app:

How easy would it be for a doctor to read a patients reports and prescriptions by just entering a unique code? It would be marvelous and a break through in the medical industry. Suppose if your aadhar number is linked with all your medical records and are able to access it at any given time at the click of a button. This app would create a whole new form of doctor-patient interaction.

12. ConnectiCity app:

This will inform the user if any of their friends are nearby. The user is then able to meet his or her friend. The app will be linked to most social media platforms. In order for this to work the GPS must be powered up on all the devices registered within the app. Never be alone.

13. The RainMan app:

This app will be linked with all weather forecast websites and will predict the rain. It will tell the approximate time(hour/minutes) of rains arrival and will help the user in making decisions which are unaffected by the rain.

14. FindMyDog app:

Imagine a pre designed collar for a dog which sends out its location to the app. Incase if a dog leaves the house, this way the user is always able to keep track of his or her pet.

15. Geo location based one tap everything app:

This app will require heaps of data and negotiation. Think of an app in which the user selects a category and a product(clothes/shoes/etc) and is shown with the best offers nearby his or her place. Whether its clothes or utensils or electronics, the user is able to get the best available app exclusive offers with retailers.

App Ideas 2016, App Ideas 2017, New App Ideas 2017
With the advancement of technology we have came at a point where everything is at our fingertips, if you wish to talk to a friend you have facebook,whatsapp etc. or if you want to find a internship or job you have internshala, etc. So with the growing need of computational things everything which can be run on PC’s or laptops can be run on mobile and where there is a web application running on a mobile, a application can be form. Applications can be run in two ways, first it needs internet connection for running and second it can run by downloading it once and doesn’t need any internet connection their after. So it’s the developer choice to choose either of the ways.

Few 15 App ideas can be seen from my perspective are:


Most of the student prefer secondhand books (both school and college going student)so making an app where anyone can buy or sell books with a reasonable cost.It will help both the parties as in market the books vendor buys book at lower rate and sell it at higher rate so why not make a platform where you yourself can be the buyer and seller.


With the growing years number of literate people are preferring jobs over business. But when it comes to sudden holidays like when the city or country will not working , or there is a curfew or any minister is visiting the city there is no application for this. So if a app is formed which will update these information it will be really helpful for these class of people.


Government organizes medical camp in every city and villages within a given time stamp. But most of the people are not aware of these camps despite of the brochures and by this app everyone will be aware of what kind camp and when it will start and end and all the timings will be given through this app.


As we know today’s people are moving more towards fitness, so making an app which will tell about any food or ingredient amount of calories ,good effects, bad effects ,best time to eat and when should not be eaten.


Many people wishes to help the people who are in need but due to some circumstances lacks to help them. So app should be made which will help those people who want to help and who need help by giving a platform. And additional information about all the NGOs and orphanages and old age homes.


Many a times people wish to meet at café or restaurants. So an app can be developed which will have al the information regarding the cafes and restaurants nearby or in particular area.


This app will contain all the information about when a woman gets pregnant till her child is 3 years old. What is good for the child and what is not , at what age what the baby should eat and what not.


In this app all the possible recipes for the ingredient will be shown. It will help and make cooking easy. It will also have the process and method to make a dish.


All the news related to the latest technology from every field , the short coming things or the things which are still on planning phase. Every detail of the product will be at this app. Whether its car technology, mobile technology or any field.


Information about all the hospitals nearby or in particular area, doctor (appointments or online consultation) fees, hospital rent and places where the patient relatives can live near the hospital(sometimes people come to different cities for treatment)


It will be the app built for the road trios you take, or the temple you visit in far place or the sun bath you take on beaches , so basically this app will be your trip partner. In road trip number of petrol pump ,hotels, restaurants, café ,lake, river which comes between your source to destination will be stated in this app. Rating all the resources for you so that you can decide which to use will be the one of best feature of this app.


Everyone wish to have a product whose quality is best and price is low. So this app will have best products with relatively less price then in market of all the electronics item.


Internet of things(iot) monitor app will keep the record of all the iot operated things like smart home, appliances etc. All the details of the product from the date you bought it home,its functioning , its repairmrnt information and servicing information. This will be all in one app for all the iot operated things with the feature of feedback and reviews.


If you are new in a city and its really difficult to find a maid for your home then this app is perfect for you. Here one can find maids in a particular area. Additionally an account will be provided to all the maids where they can receive their payments. Customers can give requirements for the maid they need, for whole day or half day, for all thw house chores or few particular chores.


With the growing number of students number of schools are also increasing. So when in comes to choosing a schooling for your ward its really difficult for the parents to find a school best suited for their child. So in this app all the list of schools from play schools to high schools, in the city or a particular area , all the services fee and additional value added curriculum for their ward. A addition chat feature will be given so that they can converse with school members so they don’t have to visit every school.

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The technology has increased a lot in one year. The app developers need to adapt to this changing technology. With the changing technology the needs of people have also changed. They should be able to make apps that fulfil the current need. All the parts of the world are equally affected by this changing technology.

Let’s look at the 15 best ideas for 2017 on which any app developer in Middle East can work on.

1. There is need for an app where any user can view all the latest release movies in Arabic. As the demand for the different genre of videos have increased, people find it difficult to get all the videos under one roof. So any app developer can work on this to make the availability of all Arabic videos at one location. 2. There is still a lot of opportunity left in e-commerce department. There are very less number of apps that are available where user can log in and sell their used products easily. It would also create a good platform for the exchange of the used goods. Any app developer can look into this and can make a app related to this where any user can easily uploads the item that he want to sell and others can view that item, if they want to buy it. discuss-app-idea-exousia-tech 3. There is lot of scope in the education department. There are very less apps where a user can get the information of all the colleges of Middle East. Any app developer can make a app where all the details regarding the college is given along with admission procedure etc. 4. Whenever any tourist visits the Middle East, he or she has to deal with the language barrier. With advancement of technology and the increasing use of machine learning these days, app developer can make an app that helps the tourists to easily convert the local language in their own language. 5. Well another difficulty that a tourist finds is that he does not know which the places are, he can visit and how to reach them. So, as an app developer you can develop an app which has all the details about the all the tourist places in the country including the information about how to reach there. This will be very useful as there is large number of people that tends to visit Middle East. 6. There are many people who go to countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, and Qatar in search of work. So app developers could develop an app where all the companies can post about the vacancies in their company and also user can login and find the job in sector he is interested in. discuss-app-idea-exousia-tech 7. Well there are large numbers of students that currently study in the Middle East. Any app developer can make an app where all the video tutorials are available with documentation. Each student has to look for a good tutorial on the web and he or spends a lot of time in this. So there is need for the app where any student can login and pursue any tutorial that he or she might wish to. 8. With a large number of students currently studying in these countries, there would be lots of old books which these students would be having. They could sell these books online to the new students coming there. It’s a great field for developing the app, where students can easily sell and buy the used books. 9. There is also lots of scope in the medical field. App developer can make app about the commonly occurring diseases and their cure. They could also later develop it where they can list all the local hospitals and any patient can book the appointment with the doctor through the app. 10. With the increasing technology the numbers of patients have also increased rapidly. There are large numbers of people who take medicine daily. So app developers can make an app related to door to door delivery of the medicine. Any patient can order the medicine that he or she wants along with the prescription of doctor and he could get those medicines delivered right at his doors. discuss-app-idea-exousia-tech 11. There are very less discussion app that is currently running in the Middle East. App developer can make an app where users can login and ask question to other user. It would create a great discussion site where user can discuss about any topic that he or she might wish to. This would also increase the connectivity among the people. 12. The world is currently dealing with the problem of security of women. App developers can develop the app related to the security of the women. They could make an app where if any women find herself unsecure at any time, she could easily contact her family members or her friends by just pressing one or two buttons and the app would send the location of the women to her friends or her family members. 13. Everyone has to go to mall daily for buying the grocery items what imagine if there is an app from where one can just order the item he or she wants and get it delivered right at his or her doorsteps. App developers can look in this and can develop an app where anyone can order any grocery that he wants. 14. There are many cases in which a patient is unable to find the blood he needs. App developers, who want to do make an app to help the people in this area, can make an app where any user can login in and easily donate or receive the blood if he needs. The patient can easily login and check that if anyone if there are donors available of his blood group. These would help the patient a lot as they would not have to call and ask everyone for help. discuss-app-idea-exousia-tech 15. There are many people who love to travel and eat at many restaurants. So app developer can make an app where people can rate and write the review about the particular restaurant. This would help the people and the tourist as they could easily find out which are the places that they can eat or have a good service. Well, there are large numbers of opportunities available to app developer in the Middle East on which they can work on and make a successful app.

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The previous year 2016 saw an upsurge of many app designs and features like simplified of UI, richer of UX, and integration of IoT in the mobile apps. All the developments that have been made aimed at the better usability and accessibility of mobile apps. The present year 2017 promises to offer all the previous benefits along with more to the users in the terms of app design, properties and the development.

1. User interaction:

It will be a mini interaction’s series. Each of the user interaction will be broken down into multiple mini interactions with an app which gives certain reaction as an output from the app, that means each click or tap or swipe gives rise to some result in the form of app reaction. In the year 2017, UX is going to become richer. discuss-app-idea-exousia-tech

2. Location-based services (LBS) continue to rise:

With the ease and the availability of the use of GPS on all mobile devices today, LBS will be going to evolve further and give the users a real-time information or information whereabouts. There are certain key places where LBS can be successfully implemented and to make the good use are indoor mapping, retail offers, navigation, location-specific payment portals, security features, travel and tourism etc. Leading technological people have recently made huge purchases in LBS. Since the service downs the battery very quickly, the hardware advancements in this particular area can enable developers and the business to flourish in the present year 2017.

3. Time of IoT-enabled apps:

In previous year 2016, IoT-enabled devices had emerged for the first time in the history of app development. In the present year 2017, there are going to be more devices that are going to become IoT-enabled. Users like always wish to remain connected with their devices from any place or location that may be far and control them remotely without any problem. IoT will soon come into light and it will be used in home automation systems, security systems and enterprise apps.

4. App security will have more priority:

In any app field, security is the basic requirement for any user. As most of the apps are being based on IOT and large volumes of personal data being hosted on the cloud, there are certain risks that are arising like breach of privacy and security threats. In this year 2017, app designers should be able to manage the risks and come up with high-end security features for the designed apps which attract the users that may lead to success.

5. Apps with a human touch:

There are certain gestures in the app design like Tamagotchi which will give the apps a human feel. More product designers are involving this Tamagotchi Gesture in their work. The services are simplified by using this which intern provides the users with comfort.

6. Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning are combined with many of the technologies such as deep learning; natural language processing and neural networks. These technologies are completely different from traditional algorithms and the programs which make the machines intelligent. The applied AI advanced machine learning is going to inspire many applications like robots, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles, smart advisors and virtual personal assistants. The smart machines are context and event driven. They are capable to deal with certain issues like complexities, learn, understand, adapt, predict and act anonymously. Therefore, AI and Machine learning are one the latest and top technology trends of 2017. discuss-app-idea-exousia-tech

7. Weather apps on demand:

There are drastic climatic shifts all over the world now a days. Sometimes even the weather people cannot predict the right thing that is going to happen. This makes the weather apps necessary like a need for everyone. Accurate and user-friendly weather apps will take over the app market in the present year 2017. People will start using the weather related apps for knowing the weather conditions and the predictions about the weather from time to time and plan their schedules accordingly.

8. Android Instant Apps on trend:

Google has recently announced its Instant Apps features that will be delivering exactly what it promises to deliver, which means it enables the Android apps to run instantly. The apps that are enabled like these does not require downloading or installing and can be run with just a single tap easily. This concept would be able to change the app industry. No need to wait for the app to download which takes more time and no need to use data to install the apps and also no usage of memory or storage on the phone. Such apps are perfect for quick insight and experience.

9. Wearable apps will be on demand:

There are certain apps that measures the calorie, health meter, Apple’s watch etc; which are popular wearable apps that shows the next generation of wearable apps capabilities. Users are expecting more wearable apps in this type especially for fitness purposes.

10. Apps are going to have de-linear structures:

Users will be uncomfortable with the screen with inflexible linear design that some of the apps have. A typical user interaction with any app like shopping app will have some stereotype steps like login to the application, search for the required product or item; add them to cart, checkout the item and rate the app etc. Now due to this app developers have worked on building more options for navigation through the app. This year 2017, is going to witness de-linearity of mobile app designs. discuss-app-idea-exousia-tech


The present year 2017 will be a year of advanced version of apps and designs. It contains much ground-breaking advancement in app design which leads to the customer or user satisfaction.

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Here are Top 15 App Ideas for 2017 – Part 2

Read Part 1

1. Emergency app

Last year, Prime Minster Modi, announced that India will someday have its own 911. An emergency number. However, till date that hasn’t happened and emergencies haven’t reduced either. So the first and most important app for 2017 should be an emergency app which can contact the nearest police station, hospital, and fire station. This app, however, should have an offline feature wherein the user can simply dial an emergency number to contact the departments. This way the app will be both faster due to its internet access and also universally acceptable, owing to its offline mode.

2. A how-to app

From our sudden interests in origami, or cooking, to our broken needs, like how to operate a sewing machine and stitch up that curtain before our mom finds out. A how to app is essential that can cover almost every feature, including how to mend things, how to defend oneself, and possibly a contract with other apps for a how-to on new language skills.

3. College Admissions

Every year a huge concern for high school passed students are college admissions. There should be an app that spans all NAAC rated colleges in India and if possible a top 100 colleges abroad. This app should help us get the cut offs for each college listed. Prospective placements, fees, faculty qualifications, infrastructural details etc. This app should have ties to each college’s website and allow admission fee payment and semester fee payment online.

4. Apps personalised for an educational institute

This app should have two versions. A student version, and a parent version. Why? For the simple reason that this app should span schools as well, and a school student is not exactly an open-book about school news. For college students the app’s parental version should notify parents in advance on fee payment dates, result updates, and placement news. This app should be made by students. The student version of the school app should notify a student test dates, syllabus, competition dates, etc. A parent should be notified of parent-teacher meetings, results, a performance graph for the child, and a whole list of reference books that may be purchased.

5. Live help

Often reading doesn’t cut it. We need someone to walk us through a certain detail. Say you have a fault in your computer that you may find hard to solve but is also too little to call a mechanic. So such an app should connect you via video call to an expert who should be able to see through your camera into the faulty system, or error message, or maybe a defective TV, a malfunctioning appliance, etc. Then he or she should be able to guide you through solving it. “Pull the blue wire now” is the basic concept hidden behind it. But let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a live expert opinion outside KBC quiz shows.

6. Online Offline Library

Personally speaking, my city has 4 major libraries at big distances from each other. Often you want to read a book through rent and visiting the library is tedious. An app that connects to all major libraries of a city is very much needed. This app should be able to show you a list of all books that are in and available to borrow. If the user want he should be able to borrow a book and get it delivered to his address and also while returning the book a reverse method maybe followed. This saves a lot of time, and a digital way helps the library personally monitor as to which person has what book, which for one thing is very tedious with pen and paper.

7. Public Transport Tracking

Remember waiting hours for the next train or bus that goes to your workplace. Or the AC bus that just doesn’t come before making you sweat for a long time. This app should have live tracking for everyday public transport, not every city has a very well connected public transport system and a commuter deserves to know, when his bus or train is arriving. This will save a lot of time. The buses and trains maybe fitted with small tracking devices or the driver’s phones maybe fitted with a tracker app. This will ensure a lot of time gets saved and we don’t have to wait long hours for public transport systems. discuss-app-idea-exousia-tech

8. Odd hour food delivery

The major drawback of food delivery apps is that they start delivering from half an hour after the restaurant opens to an hour before it closes. But as a student who studies usually at night, I know the pain of hunger at night. This app should have a restaurant or a set of cooks dedicated to this purpose. And should deliver from 11am – 8am. This solves our impromptu party woes, our football-at-friend’s place pains, and of course helps us focus at night when we are doing some important work. This is a must have.

9. Local area shopping

An app that makes a list of a nearby medicine store, vegetables seller, fruit shop, groceries, and cosmetics and make their items available for online purchase. The idea of doing it local is that one won’t need a bike or car for delivery. Unemployed poor people can just get a message on their phones asking them to pick up something from a nearby store and deliver it to a local address. This is very convenient and, creates employment opportunities. Even college or school students looking for some extra pocket money can do this job. This helps both ways.

10. Customised Ideas app

Often we run out of what to get or gift. We have a budget, a purpose but no ideas. So we should have an app that takes as input three parameters. Budget, occasion, and recipient. Personally I have designed many Expert-System based soft wares, and I know that a properly designed app will return a gift idea, which is 95% close to what exactly would make our recipient go head over heels. Also as long as we are talking business the app should have an online gift shop, this doesn’t imply however, that the results will only be those items that are a part of that gift store.

11. Unavoidable Alarm Clock

This is a must have for our generation. An alarm clock without the snooze button, or maybe that needs us to solve math to wake up, or walk half a mile to stop ringing. The level at which we procrastinate, is a clarion call for such an app, we need to wake up when we need to. Setting 10+ alarms for waking up, is the only method that we have nowadays. But with the rising pace of our fast lives, it is very important to be early or at least proper-time risers.

12. Paper Replacement for documents

Sushma Swaraj announced in 2016 that we should have an e-passport. This should be a system for all our documents. We know phones have fingerprint scanners these days, so why not have our biometric verified documents as apps, instead of paper. We fell a lot of trees each year to facilitate making of these documents. Having them as apps is more economic, and eco-friendly and accessible.

13. Remote home control

With 2016 coming to an end, we all saw Mark Zuckerberg build JARVIS, the AI to control his lights, bed time, toaster machine, oven, and everything. This is needed for almost every home that has a lot of electronic or electrical appliances. We often go out of our houses and remember we have left a fan switched-on. Such woes can be minimised with this app. Also, this app will help us accomplish a lot more, we can get breakfast made while not even in the room. So working parents can have a great time. Plus it will save electricity bills.

14. Doctor online and on call

Users can pay a small fee to chat with a doctor online or schedule nearby appointments. This is not an emergency service and can be used by both the doctors and non-medical people, in the area. Saves physical labour and time. Before we mention the last one, some honourable mentions are: • How to beat boredom apps. • Tutorial apps. • Apps to help school teachers communicate with students to save tuition fees. • Apps connected to the government for petitions. • Live sport screening apps that show national leagues. discuss-app-idea-exousia-tech

15. Money Manager

An app that studies our expenditures and incomes for a time and manages our budget woes. This app should use a neural network and learn our ways to advice on our expenditures to ensure we save at least 30% of our incomes. Appy Downloading!

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So you have the perfect Android or iOS app, with the perfect design, for the perfect people satisfying the perfect need. Is it enough? We think that if that’s the case, your Android or iOS app can do even better, gathering more popularity, and leaving a mark despite the fierce competition in the Apple or Android app store. So let’s see how you can get the best out of your Android or iOS app—20 steps to make your Android or iOS app the best one out there!

1. Reach out to the people

You have a target group in mind, contact them. We say this starts even probably before you start building your Android or iOS app. If you take in your target groups’ input, you can customize your Android or iOS app better suited to their needs. There are a variety of ways in which you can do this, and we’ve listed some of the ways down:

2. Blog

Blogs are amazing ways of letting your people know what you are up to. The best part of blogs is that you get to personalise posts and mould your users’ thoughts to your own perceptions, provide them the information that you want to provide, and keep doing this on a regular basis, even creating some anticipation! Roll out an announcement blog first, and then keep rolling out update blogs to keep your user engaged.

3. Website

If you have a fully functional, mobile-friendly and running website, advertise your Android or iOS app on the website. In fact even include Android or iOS app download links. Make the website interesting by giving the thought/history behind the Android or iOS App.

4. Microsite

Make a micro site to showcase your Android or iOS app to your users in a short and spicy way

5. Email

Make your Android or iOS app icon your email signature. That way all the important people you know, also knows.

6. Create attention-grabbing Android or iOS app icons

Make an icon that is meaningful, and conveys the functionality of your Android or iOS app. Make it fun, colorful and bouncy. In general, avoid texts or images, and just let your creative juices flow!

7. Put in some really catchy/meaningful screen shots

Users relate themselves most with this aspect: make it count. Put in life-like images in your Android or iOS app with relevance, more preferably a picture of someone you think represents your target group the best.

8. The More App stores, the better

Don’t let your Android or iOS app stay limited to Apple Store or Google Play, Spread out! Some great Android or iOS app stores are GetJar, SlideMe, Amazon AppStore, etc.

9. Awards

Don’t be shy to participate in Awards for your Android or iOS app; in fact, this might be a great way to get a lot of good press, sponsorships, a platform to showcase to your users, exposures and reviews.

10. SEO and Keyword search

This one is particularly important. When your Android or iOS app is first launched, it might be known by its name immediately, so people might use keywords to search for it. Make sure the Search Optimistaion of your Android or iOS App is high, in order to have the most relevant, and some not-quite-relevant search sieve it up.

11. Demo Video

Make a how-to-use video. Not only are the visuals an excellent way to stay in your users’ heads, but also gives excellent SEO.

12. Feature your Android or iOS App!

Continuously feature your Android or iOS app in whichever platform you get!

13. Increase user participation—run a contest

Make interesting contests for your users, to bring about general awareness amongst your users, and bring your users together!

14. Participate in a contest

Participate in contests relevant to your Android or iOS apps. This helps you judge your position in your field, and helps you incorporate features you may think your Android or iOS app is losing out on.

15. Spread the word!

16. Facebook

Keep reposting about your Android or iOS App

17. Dubbler

A 60 second Social Networking

18. Pinterest

Pin it up with relevant tags!

19. Find your audience, recruit them!

Recruit your users to give ideas and implement them. Artists, Painters, Designers, or readers, ask them to work for you and suggest ideas necessary for developing your Android or iOS apps!

20. Join fellow entrepreneurs

Join entrepreneurs and discuss issues with them. This helps networking, also influence of the right people for your Android or iOS apps.

21. App Store Optimization

Again, as important as SEO, probably in the same context, except within the App store.

22. A landing Page

Very important to have a landing Page to inform the users about the entire Android or iOS app in one go, catching their eyes.

23. Get mentioned in a mobile app Review site

24. In-store App advertisement

Advertise your Android or iOS app with interesting Banners within the stores to give your Android or iOS App an edge over the others.

25. Respond to your users

Your users are your most valuable sources of inputs. Connect with them in every opportunity you get.

26. Roll out continuous Updates

Very important to maintain the visibility of your Android or iOS App. Despite it being in the palms of your users, updates achieve two-fold gains: one, it shows your iOS or Android app is still relevant and attempting to keep up. Two, that it reminds them that your Android or iOS app exists.

27. Do the unexpected

Always keep your users on the edge to keep your Android or iOS apps interesting and a hooking experience! We hope, these make your Android or iOS app the most popular one out there!