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1. Augmented reality based apps:

Ever since Niantic achieved utmost success with Ingress and Pokemon GO, there is a much larger scope for augmented reality. Imagine a treasure hunt augmented reality based game in which the player must reach certain locations in order to get clues and solve mysteries.

2. Live stream based games:

The live stream feature in apps such as facebook and instagram which have been proven to be quite popular. We’ve all played truth, dare or situation in our school lives, now imagine an app in which players ask questions or give out dares to other players and one has to live stream the entire dare/answer. Sounds fun doesn’t it? There could be two categories, the players and the viewers.

3. Home appliance control based apps:

Most android phones these days that hit the market come with an IR blaster which enables users to control a whole bunch of appliances including TV’s, AC’s, washing machines, stereos, etc. But how cool would it be if you were able to control your lights, fans and all other switches in your house? If there are pre designed switches put in place, an app could be developed to control them. One could easily dim the lights and control the pace of the fan.

4. Find places with specific music and cuisine app:

We have zomato for our cravings but we usually never find a place to dine in with good music that you actually like. This app will allow the user the input the specific music genres along with their favourite cuisines and a list will display all the available restaurants, pubs and bars which match the request.

5. Public cleanliness based app:

This app will enable the user to take pictures of garbage/waste of a specific area and upload it. Other users within the area will get a notification along with the gps location of the garbage. This app will boost public participation and further help in the cleaning process.

6. Quit smoking app:

Most people relapse when they try to quit smoking and further harm themselves. Imagine an app, in which the user has to fill in details(brand) of his/her cigarette before lighting one. The app will show the severity of the cigarette along with statistics indicating future health issues. Pop-ups and notifications will further provoke the user to quit.

7. Ingredients app:

Deciding what to make for lunch could be tricky sometimes and could leave one confused & on zomato. Now think of an app in which the user is able to fill in all the ingredients(vegetables and masala’s) and is shown a list with a variety of different recipes which are easy to cook. This will change every college students lifestyle.

8. Charge on the go app:

Lets admit it, all our phones have run out of juice when we needed them the most. Now picture an app which allows you to charge your phone using someone else’s phone(wired transfer or NFC). The user will input their battery percentage as well as their location and the app will connect them with people with alomost full battery which are nearby. It’ll be impossible to run out of battery, specially in a country like India.

9. The ‘I’m on a budget’ app:

Not everyone can afford an expensive dinner or an exclusive party. In this app, the user selects a category from a number of options and sub-options such as food, bars, salons, shops, etc. The user then adds a maximum amount which he or she is willing to spend. The user is then shown with a list of options with their locations within the users budget. Suppose if I want to have a pizza, I will open the app, go to categories > food > italian > pizza > (ENTER BUDGET) > a list of italian places within my budget will show up.

10. Virtual reality video making app:

Since the era of google cardboard, virtual reality is big on everyones mind. Think of an app in which a user is able to create virtual reality 360 degree videos. Suppose a real estate agent wants to show a house to someone, he could easily show them the virtual reality video of the house to get a feel and grip of the house.

11. The health app:

How easy would it be for a doctor to read a patients reports and prescriptions by just entering a unique code? It would be marvelous and a break through in the medical industry. Suppose if your aadhar number is linked with all your medical records and are able to access it at any given time at the click of a button. This app would create a whole new form of doctor-patient interaction.

12. ConnectiCity app:

This will inform the user if any of their friends are nearby. The user is then able to meet his or her friend. The app will be linked to most social media platforms. In order for this to work the GPS must be powered up on all the devices registered within the app. Never be alone.

13. The RainMan app:

This app will be linked with all weather forecast websites and will predict the rain. It will tell the approximate time(hour/minutes) of rains arrival and will help the user in making decisions which are unaffected by the rain.

14. FindMyDog app:

Imagine a pre designed collar for a dog which sends out its location to the app. Incase if a dog leaves the house, this way the user is always able to keep track of his or her pet.

15. Geo location based one tap everything app:

This app will require heaps of data and negotiation. Think of an app in which the user selects a category and a product(clothes/shoes/etc) and is shown with the best offers nearby his or her place. Whether its clothes or utensils or electronics, the user is able to get the best available app exclusive offers with retailers.

App Ideas, App Ideas 2016, App Ideas 2018, App Ideas for 2017, Latest App Ideas
2.6 million applications on the PlayStore and similar on the AppStore, what fits your needs the best? In this age of rise of softwares one can easily be left behind in this race of staying updated, and it’s no ones ignorance. The world is moving fast, but there are still things that haven’t been achieved yet in the field of technology. We bring to you a list of 15 applications that can be one of the most impportant apps this year.

1. Your Daily calorie meter (For India):

Have you noticed how there are a plethora of apps which will prepare an entire calorie graph for what ever you eat through out the day and also guide you through out your diet plan? But, one common thing missing in these apps are the absence of a calorie database for Indian food! 2017, needs an application that will combine your daily intake food and prepare a proper diet plan for all your fooding habits. Goodbye Binge Eating!

2. Shoe Size Measurer:

Haven’t you faced that moment while buying shoes online where you have no idea of what your footsize is? and you are half a mind to use a ruler to rescue! Fear no more, Shoe Size Measurer will just take a picture of your foot from sides and bottom and give an elaborate size chart on country based sizes so that you can buy your favourite shoe without any hassle.

3. Waterproof Data:

Oh Snap! Those moments where your phone just slips for a dive into the water or ‘jumps off’ from a height to its end, are one of the worst dreams for anyone of us, but Waterproof Data app idea saves you part the anxiety. On Detecting Water , a pressure of few Torrs or whenever the phones end is nigh, the app sends a live backup of all important data to another system to save vital data from being lost.

4.Trek Buddies:

Ever felt that sense of adventure where you just want to go out for a trek or hiking, but then realise you have no company? Trek Buddies, an app that will connect you to people from your age, class and sense of adventure who are thinking of hitting the same places as you are. Team up and have fun.

5. Food Saver:

Often, after parties a large amount of food is leftover, Just upload the pictures, Quantity and type of the food and it’ll be collected from your door step and later packaged properly and sold to people who need it at an extremely low price or maybe, sometimes even for free.

6. Spy Mode:

Very often we find ourselves in a situation where we feel making a voice note of our interlocutor can help us save ourselves in the future from any kind of fraud or embarassment, but are unable to reach out to the phones recorder fast, Spy Mode app, allows you to switch on a voice recorder just by clicking on the phones powerbutton thrice.Non Challant and Fast.

7.Routine maker:

There are days of motivation when we make a routine and are sure to follow it, but as the time passes, the motivation wears down. But Fear no more, Routine maker app will help you make a routine and restrict phone usage on the times where you specify verbs like Studying, Work et cetera. You can choose your Time, Duartion and even the Self-confidence level according to which certain apps usage will be restricted from your phone.

8. Data Base for Vehicle numbers:

Be it a Hit and Run case, or lost motorcycle, it gets really tough when identification of the vehicle is to be done! This app will help you search a vehicles owner name (only) and save the day in some of the most intense situations, such as a lost bike being claimed by someone who’s not the owner.

9. Social Networking app for people of similar tastes:

You like Anime? Death Metal? Barbies? Anything! Ths app will help you connect and talk to people of similar tastes and interests. Share your ideas, plan events and do literally anything. Just enter your interests and the app will place you in groups where people are just like you!

10. Radio Frequency Messenger:

Whether you are Hiking or are in a Tsunami Hit area, it gets really important to connect to your loved ones or warn people about some impending disaster. Radiowave Messenger will help you send short messages to people via Radiowave, even when there is no Network Connectivity.

11.Receipt Maker:

Making a budget and updating daily spends to follow it can be really boring. But drawl no more, Receipt maker will help you set a monthly budget and add expenses by just clicking an image of the receipt. Fast, Simple and Efficient. It will convert image text into word documents, and also store and sort the bill as a PDF for future reference.

12. Id the Brand:

“I bet this is a famous Brand of the 90s… or is it?” Questions like these pop up anywhere, be it a quiz or an auction or merely a pub debate, Not much can be done about Identifying a brand by just it’s logo. But, this app will have a Simple Interface where all you do is click a picture of the logo or just enter the brand name, and the app will show you all about the Brand, from it’s History to it’s Founder to it’s net worth.

13. Live Photos:

Sometimes one would just wonder how the Times Square would look at the moment, or maybe while writing an article you need an original photo of a place you’ve never been to! This app will send a message to the person who’s currently at the place where you want a picture of to “Click a picture of his surroundings” , This picture will then be sent to you. (Exception: Area 51 😉 )

14. Dream Catcher:

Ever wondered that if only you remembered your dream you would be a million dollar movie director? Your saviour is here. Dream Catcher will be an app where you can set an alarm for the morning and to switch it off, you’d have to tell the app your dream. It’s proven that dreams last only for the first 15 min of waking up., so this app will have a record of all your dreams! The “tell me your dream” can be placed before Switching off the alarm or after it, based on the User’s prefernce.

15. Status Maker:

Anyone having some tech links knows about the new WhatsApp- Facebook Status idea? Which are just like SnapChat-Instagram Story Idea? This app will save you a lot of time, by uploading the status at all four places at once!!