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New App Ideas for 2017

1) Recipe app

This app will not be like other recipe showing apps where you have to search your whole kitchen to get the required high profile ingredients instead you can feed the data of the ingredients you have or you can arrange and it will show up the best possible dish match which can be made using these ingredients. The biggest advantage of this kind of app is that people are not required to step out of the house to buy stuffs instead they can make new dishes using the ingredients they already have.

2) App for buyers

There are many apps for sellers available where users can post the ads of things they want to sell and can communicate to the customers. But how about a mobile app that works for buyers. The buyers can post the relevant details of the things they want to buy with its specifications and price range in which they are ready to buy and the seller who has that product and is ready to give in the demanded price range then he/she can contact the buyer and get the deal done. The advantage of this kind of app is that the buyers are not intended to surf through various products and contact several sellers.

3) App for activating home appliances

As the concept of smart homes has already step into the market, it is a necessity of a kind of app which switches on/off your home appliances such as heater, ac, refrigerator etc. It will be best if a person can turn on/off their home appliances from far distance. consider you being stuck in traffic on a sunny day and can switch on your AC using the app, so that by the time you reach home, your home gets cooled.

4) Charge sharing app

Believe me the problem of battery draining out is not going to get solved anytime sooner. how about a app that shares charge, a charge sharing app just like we share files, documents, videos etc. If a person has quality amount of charge in his phone then he/she can share the percentage of charge they desire using the app to their friends or others. They can even charge money to share charge.

5) Picnic planner app

Many time’s people are confused about the places they should visit when they are free. think about an app which can put an end to these problems. a app in which feed the preferred duration of the day trip and your budget details, the app will show multiple attractive destinations with people’s reviews, description of place, ways to reach there, traffic details etc.

6) App to play your favourite music at public places

Think of the times you visit a restaurant and hear some boring song playing in the background which altogether alters your mood. an app on which we can feed the restraunts name and the app will show the list of songs available and people can vote for their favourite songs. The song which gets highest vote is played.

7) Rain prediction app

There are many apps which shows the weather updates such as cloudy, sunny etc. this kind of app will be an extension to these kinds of apps. when the user types the exact location or the app does the same using GPS, the app will show if it is going to rain and the estimated time in which rain can come. the app will have a good backend support. Also, if rain is not expected to come in 24 hours a system generated message will be delivered to the user.

8) Story writer app

Consider a good idea of a story suddenly strikes your mind and you are not able to think of its extension or you are not good at writing stories or you don’t have that much time then you can write a short say 100 words story on this app and then the next person will come and write next 100 words and this will follow on until the story is complete. Also, you can keep a track of your story using this app and can contribute to others story.

9) Selection app

Consider when you are in a mall, thinking of buying some cool stuff but you’re confused between two or more products. This app can help you. by posting the photo of the choices in between which you’re confused this app will make the selection for you based on people’s reviews, brand history, ratings etc.

10) The law app

This type of app is for the frequent travellers, the people who travel to various places. in every corner of the globe there is different set of laws. this app based on the location will notify the changes in the laws/rules, new rules etc.

11) Don’t miss app

This app basically works on the fear of missing out. based on your hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes this app will show you the list of relevant apps that you should use and apps which you should not use. also about the places, concerts, functions that you should attend in your neighbourhood.

12) Search by your choice app

This app will let you choose your convenient way of searching anything. this app will let you search anything using your voice, images or as we do using keywords. anything relevant will be displayed. a person can search for a song by singing a few lines of the song.

13) Parking app

whenever we go to restaurants or other places, we often face the problem of finding parking spots. think of an app which can provide us the exact location of a spot where you can park your vehicle. the app will show different spots to different people so that there is no overriding. this app can save a lot of time.

14) Route decider

When a person wants to reach a destination he/she wants the most convenient and fast means of transport to reach there for cities like Mumbai no one wishes to travel in those fully packed local trains but in some other cities the same goes with busses. this app will let you decide the best possible transport medium based on reviews, ratings and budget.

15) Are you the last notifier app

When you are standing in queue to buy tickets of rock concert, or even train tickets there is always a fear of being the last. this app will notify you that by the time your turn comes, will the tickets be available or not.