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Will apple drop the lightning port in iPhone 8?

Apple is one of the most popular smartphone producers in the world. The sales of iPhone have always increased with the time and main reason for this regular increase in the sales is the continuous improvement in the phone by Apple. Apple always tries to make a phone that is up to date with all the latest technology and is able to need the latest demand of the people. This continuous improvement mixed with slight innovation is the main reason for the popularity of iPhone. There are many people who feel proud being the owner of iPhone.

The iPhone 7

The current version of iPhone that is iPhone 7 was launched last year. This launch brought many surprises for all the user. There were many features that were added in the iPhone 7 and there were few features that were removed from this device. This device was a great improvement over the last iPhone and impressed a large number of people. But, still, there were many people that were not impressed by the latest iPhone 7. According to these people, they were expecting few surprises from the Apple that would improve the iPhone6. But, instead of surprise, they were shocked by listening to few feature of iPhone7. The main reason for this disappointment was the removal of 3.5 mm jack from the iPhone 7. There were also many features that were kept exactly same as the previous version.

The iPhone 8

So, this year also Apple is expected to launch all new iPhone which would be probably known as iPhone8. Again there is the huge expectation from this device. According to the rumour, Apple is going to release this device in the month of September. Well, there are many rumours about the specification of the new iPhone. According to few sources, the new iPhone 8 will have the feature like a stunning 5.8-inch display which is slightly bigger than the previous iPhone. There would be virtual buttons on the screen rather than the actual buttons. One of the most talked points about the iPhone 8 is the charging port. According to few rumours, Apple is going to replace its lightning port with the USB type C port. Now, this could prove to very important feature in the upcoming phone. Apple is known for using the lightning ports in their device but if the rumour is true then we could see the new iPhone with the USB type C port. This is highly unlikely that Apple will move to new port as they built the entire industry around lightning port. But this could also be true as they have already adopted the new port in its MacBook Pro lineup. There are many devices that work on the USB type C port but Apple has been avoiding this technology. But what made the Apple decide to drop the lightning port and replace it with USB type C port. The main reason could be the high data transfer rate in the USB type C port.

The lightning port

There are many issues if Apple adopts the new port. The main issue is the compatibility with the previous version of iPhones. Another important point is that Apple generally concentrates of the fast charging capability of iPhones. This is also a point which will prevent Apple from dropping the lightning port. Another fact is that Apple doubled the production of Lightning accessories in the recent times. So, if Apple’s plan would have been to drop the lightning port then it would not have increased the production of its accessories. Now, we could only wait and watch what Apple is going to decide. But it’s highly unlikely that Apple will drop the lightning port from iPhone series yet. But no one could be sure of this fact as Apple as the very bad habit of surprising people. So, just wait and watch for the official announcement of the specification of new iPhone.